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United - Russell Connor

United We Stand

Frederick Douglass (1817-1895) did do an "amazing job" (Trump) when he was alive. A fugitive slave who became a great orator and a leading abolitionist, he critically urged Lincoln on Emancipation and then recruited former slaves to fight bravely for the Union cause, (insisting they get equal pay). These two remind us to remain "indivisible" especially when democracy is in danger.

Contrasts - Russell Connor

Face to Face

Pinocchio used to be funny, but Trump's grotesque indifference to the truth is dangerous for our country and the world.

Alabama Memories - Russell Connor

Alabama Memories

Trump's selection of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General was fiercely resisted by civil rights hero John Lewis, who had grown up near him in Alabama.

The Advisors - Russell Connor

The Advisors

The counsel of holy madman Rasputin fatally weakened the Czar before the Russian Revolution. Steven Bannon brought his white nationalist populism to the White House and continues the campaign at Breitbart.

The Consultant - Russell Connor

Election Consultant

I hope Mueller's investigation will reveal the range (Facebook? Twitter?) of Putin's campaign to interfere in the election and undermine U.S. democracy.

Manafort - Russell Connor

The Wheels of Justice

"Innocent until proven guilty" applies even to Paul Manafort. But his ties to foreign governments suited him well to run Trump's campaign.

Sally Led the Way - Russell Connor

Sally Led the Way

While Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates blew the whistle on "security" adviser, Michael Flynn, who may be a star witness in an impeachment proceeding.

Europe and the Czar - Russell Connor

Europe and the Czar

Putin's ambition to recapture the power and range of Czarist Russia, by any means, challenges Merkel and NATO.

Lies and Consequences - Russell Connor

Lies and Consequences

We know Trump was not behind the wheel of the killer's car, but his encouragement of violence hovered over the vicious parade of Nazis and Klansmen.

Out of This World - Russell Connor

Out of This World

So far there seems to be no remedy on earth for the plague spreading from the White House, so I looked for help in the stars. Somewhat tattered in reputation, the patriarchal Sigmund did make our introspection better informed, and clearly recognizes the cosmic dimension of our danger.

© 2017, Russell Connor